Welcome Virtualizer!

Virtualizer community members are Streamlining Web3 UX Through testing and support

Become a Virtualizer and Earn Virtual Points and $VRTL!

Virtualizers and Gold Virtualizers believe in the long-term potential of ZK State Channels to streamline Web3 UX and bring about mainstream adoption in fully onchain gaming, DeFi, and blockchain at large.

Virtualizers engage with Virtual Labs by testing early versions of ZK State Channels. For the past few months, this was done by making zero-gas transactions on the Virtual Wallet. This testnet is ending and will be replaced by a new beta coming soon!

Virtualizers also talk with friends on our Discord and read updates and comment on X (Twitter), and compete in Zealy. For participating, Virtualizers earn Virtual Points, which will convert to $VRTL at our TGE, and special roles like Gold Virtualzer.

If you are a Virtualizer community member, or hoping to become one, learn more about the Virtual Wallet, your multi-chain passport for automatic-yield and easy transactions next.

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