Unity SDK basics

Unity SDK usage guide

Heads up!

Our Unity SDK was completed very recently, so this page is being updated to have clearer instructions. In the meantime, check out how to download and get started with our Unity SDK below!

Getting started

To use Virtual Unity SDK please unpack the archive to the local folder and include it in your Unity Project. For example,

Feel free to use web3 SDK of your choice. We use the Chainsafe Web3 for our demo purposes.

Use public class ~OntropySDK~: MonoBehaviour methods to use cryptographic operations. To create a VirtualSignature, refer to the test TestMethod_TestVerifySignature().

The results of the OntropySignature could be used as an input for the Virtual Rollups Smart Contracts.

To employ other Virtual Rollups methods and Virtual Wallet functions, please see Virtual Smart Contracts guide and reference.

The Unity SDK file

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