Virtual Labs Token

$VRTL will power the Virtual Engine ecosystem.

Protocols that use the Virtual Engine will stake $VRTL to secure volume currently locked within their Virtual Rollups. This will allow them to use and secure the protocol. It will also be used as liquidity for cross-chain users.

Blockchains will stake $VRTL to become liquidity providers for the Virtual Bridge. The Virtual Bridge will allow a user on one chain to use a DApp on a separate chain. Both of these blockchains will be encouraged to supply liquidity so that users and DApps on their chain are not subject to the cold start problem.

Users can deposit funds in any desired token, such as USDC or ETH. Users may choose to have their balances represented in $VRTL and become LPs within the Virtual Bridge. For this, they will earn yield in ETH and $VRTL.

$VRTL is a necessary utility token that acts as liquidity and as a medium of exchange for the protocol. Because the Virtual Engine relies on novel cryptographic proofs, $VRTL is not a form of cryptoeconomic security. This make Virtual stronger than other protocols which rely on a 51% trust assumption.

There will be one billion $VRTL distributed with no inflation.

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