Installing the right SDK for you

To get started, install the version of the SDK that you need and make your first API call.

Virtual currently offers fine-tuned TypeScript/JavaScript libraries. Rust, iOS, Unreal Engine, Android, Unity and Go libraries are coming soon.

Official Libraries

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. The SDK contains a WASM module with blazing fast and secure cryptography. The SDK works in JavaScript.

Unity is a world's most popular game engine. Use the Virtual Rollups SDK to build games with Virtual.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Installing the SDK

You need to login before you can use the SDK. You can use the login details below to log into our privately hosted registry at with:

  • Username: Ontropy

  • Password: Ontropy@sdk1

To make your first API request, you need to install the Virtual SDK. You can do this using npm or yarn, like in the below example

// Install the Ontropy SDK
npm install ontropy-sdk
// or
yarn add ontropy-sdk

Making your first API call

After installing the SDK, you are ready to make your first call to the Ontropy Virtual Rollup protocol. Below, you can see how to start a new session, generate a round proof and start the next round.

import { OntropySDK } from 'ontropy-sdk'

const sdk = new OntropySDK('libp2p', 'your-ethereum-address')

// Start a new session

// Generate a round proof
sdk.generateRoundProof('round-id', 'metadata', 10)

// Start the next round

Connect 4 Demo

To test the Virtual Rollups Typescript SDK, experience the seamless UX by downloading the following example:

Additionally, here is the live demonstration playable in the browser:

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