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Virtual Labs is Streamlining Web3 UX Through ZK State Channels

What is Virtual Labs?

Virtual Labs is the creator and maintainer of blockchain's first ZK state channel, the Virtual Engine.
The Virtual Engine enables users to pay open a channel, and subsequently never pay gas again for that DApp. You could, for example, deposit 100 USDC on Polygon, and trade WBTC and ARB on Ethereum's liquidity. While the channel is open, you could make an unlimited amount of transactions while trustlessly finalizing your trades at the speed of your internet connection.
This is our Web3 Vision at Virtual Labs: zero-gas, zero-latency, and zero-friction to incentivize trustless onchain activity and boost liquidity. Here's how this works:
How Virtual Labs Achieves Zero-Gas on Any Chain, Including Ethereum
Essentially, whenever you or your users will interact in a recurring manner—gaming, day trading, or SocialFi—the Virtual Engine SDK can enable seamless, Web2 UX within decentralized applications.

Why Integrate or Use the Virtual Engine?

  • Say goodbye to high gas and long settlement times. DApps powered by the Virtual Engine SDK have higher engagement and retention
    • Wallet and bridging frictions are eliminated
    • Capital previously used to pay gas remains with the user and your platform
    • Incentive alignment: while further traditional transactions have an adverse incentive—playing another game round or making another trade induces an additional gas cost, period of waiting, and several MetaMask clicks—Virtual Engine users only pay to close their session, encouraging more inter-ZK State Channel interactions
  • The Virtual Engine seamlessly integrates in under an hour, and the Virtual Labs team is here to help!
  • The Virtual Engine is not a blockchain or appchain, meaning you can easily use it within your current tech stack
  • Access more user without multi-chain deployment
    • The Virtual Engine enables users on different chains to use their locked funds to seamlessly engage with your DApp, settling on your DApp's default blockchain
    • If your DApp rests on Arbitrum, Optimism, OPBNB, Polygon, ZKSync, NEAR, Solana, or Manta, for example, you will be able to seamlessly access these users from all other chains, 5-10xing your TAM
If you are new here, keep learning About Virtual Labs and how we are category-defining ZK State Channels, and how this technology will achieve mainstream adoption.
If you are a developer or project lead, begin building with the Virtual Engine SDK here!
If you are a community member, or would like to join and learn about Virtual Points and $VRTL, check out the Virtualizer Community Zone.
Virtual Labs is Streamlining Web3 UX Through ZK State Channels